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Redesign delayed

Back in May I had confidently expected the redesign of the White Dragon website would be completed and the new site active from the beginning of August. The best laid plans, as they say. Various family issues arose during June and July which made the intended timescale impossible and we will therefore be returning to the matter in September once those issues have been resolved and the holiday season recovered from.

In the meantime, progress reports will be posted as and when on this blog so please call back from time to time for the latest excuses.


Sorting Out the Book Reviews

In much the same way as I spent a couple of days going through the old articles and sorting them into categories, I’ve now embarked upon the more daunting task of doing the same for all the on-line book reviews. I say “daunting” because there are a lot more of them – if each issue of the magazine contained an average of 4 articles, it contained some 10 or 12 book reviews so if nothing else the numbers are correspondingly greater.

A rough categorisation of the books was done some years ago, resulting in 8 categories. Some of these, such as “Fiction” and “Art”, were very straight forward and their contents can be transferred into new ones very easily. Some of the rest however are much more complex and need to be further split down. Consider the issue of the Celts and matters Celtic, for example. There’s a world of difference between a book by John Matthews naffly illustrated by Courtney Davis, and one by Dr Miranda Green; one is popular and the other academic, leading to “Celtic – Popular” and “Celtic – Academic” categories. One of the other differences between the two is that the academic books were the ones I deliberately solicited for review, and which as time went on the academic publishers started to send spontaneously, while the popular ones were the books certain publishers targetting a pagan or new age audience tended to send unbidden and often unwanted. Much the same goes for the history books.

Given the huge range of books in terms of both subject matter and seriousness (ie, in many cases, quality) reviewed over the years, it’s difficult to know just how many categories to use. Lumping together all the books currently lumped together under “Archaeology/History” doesn’t make it easy for the reader to find the sort of book they’re looking for, but equally too many categories are only going to lead to confusion.

I suspect it’s going to take me the best part of a week and several bottles of wine to do this properly.

Articles classified and a bit of history

The categorisation of the online articles is complete. I’ve taken the opportunity to review them all for continuing relevance and have decided to remove four of them from the new website. These four are short and essentially topical pieces which were published in the very early days in response to specific news items of the time and which no longer serve any real purpose. So out they go.

I’ve also revised the “What is WD?” and “Where is Mercia?” pages from the present website and amalgamated them into a single document. They were originally intended as information for prospective subscribers and writers but are more relevant now as a sort of potted history to answer such unasked questions as: How did WD start? And Why? And where exactly is or was Mercia?

All Change at Dragon Manor

I’ve started this blog in connection with a revamp of the White Dragon website which is currently under way, with the new site expected to go live around Lughnasa 2013.

Regular visitors to the website and readers of the magazine will be aware that publication of WD ceased at Lughnasa 2009 and that there has been a lack of news and updates on the website since then.

There were various reasons for this, but one of them was the lengthy serious illness of WD’s former webmaster, Tony, who died suddenly in March 2013, at a time when the website was temporarily off line. I am therefore grateful to Alexa Duir, author of the Wyrdwolf novels, who got it back online and volunteered both to take over management of the website and to undertake a radical redesign and update of it.

With WD no longer being published, the focus of the website will be changing from supporting the quarterly editions of the magazine. The core will in future be the library of articles previously published in the magazine and the book reviews, many of academic and scholarly books not reviewed anywhere else in the pagan press. I am also looking at several ideas for producing completely new material especially for the website and for expanding several long neglected parts of it.

In the meantime I still have copies of a variety of editions of the magazine, which can be ordered through the website if you have gaps in your collection or are simply curious about the rag. You can of course pay by Paypal and I will send copies anywhere in the world.