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Sorting Out the Articles

One of the distinctive features of the WD website is the library of articles published in the earlier editions of the magazine which are now available online for anyone to read. I counted them up today and found there are over 100 of them, though admittedly some of those from the earliest editions are fairly short, ie 1,000 words long or less. Nevertheless, the sheer number of them raises questions as to how to organise and manage them within the pending site redesign.

After some thought it seems most appropriate to simply classify them under various topics such as “Arthurian”, “Heathen”, “Folklore” and “History of Magic and Witchcraft” and that is what I have been doing in recent days. Needless to say, articles don’t always belong entirely in a single category, and around half sit equally in two categories and a few in three or four so some duplication is inevitable.

We’re also planning to have a more efficient search function on the website which, combined with the categorisation of the articles, should make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for.